Sabaj System

Sabaj System Company specializes in production of systems used in security, control and energy transmitting. The offered products and services spectrum includes: low-voltage metal enclosures and plastic-enclosed enclosures.   See more >


For many years policy of Sabaj System company is focused on the products and services highest quality as well as care of environment. We are fully aware of our influence on the natural environment, and our priority is to minimize and limit impact till the borders of plant location. In order to achieve planned objectives, Sabaj System use only the highest quality components from carefully selected suppliers and implements environment-friendly technologies.

We apply rational and economical management of utilities and materials. We totally eliminated necessary of use solid fuels through installation of modern, efficient heat pumps for heating production halls and office buildings. Processess which may have negative impact upon the natural environment are hermetized and strictly monitored by properly qualified personnel. We paint products only in ecological powder paint technology and we reduce emission of air VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We have modern fleet of trucks and advanced logistic and transporting systems. We carry out diligent warehouse management with rational waste management according to applicable values and regulations. Hazardous waste and other are collected from Sabaj System’s plant by reputable companies specialised in disposal and recycling of waste. We meet requirements related to REACH regulation.

For full satisfaction of our Customers we extend partnership relations with parties insterested in environmental protection in our company. We also take actions allowing to integrate economic and business development with broadly understood ecodevelopment.